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Never Mind the Baristas. Heres the Pour Boys

Antithesis: Its a funny old word, We here at Pour Boy stake pride in being one of those. We've worked in an industry - whilst hearing the loud annoying screams of a scene. So here we are laying claim to our industry and sticking up the middle big one to any form of 'scene'. Coffee is not a craft, its marginally a science, the prevalence of entry level work in cafes can lay testament to that theory. We want to have fun with it... with over 20 years combined industry knowledge as baristas/chefs/potwash and management... we cant let go of our punk rock roots. We do what we want. When we want. How we want. We listen to different cultures, how they serve coffee, different traditions that go along with it and make it our own. We stick our tongue in cheek and if you're rattled... we're glad... its hitting the right people! (press the x on your browser to deal with it)

If you love us and think its great... stay tuned, you and us are gonna have a lot of fun together.

Keep it PMA and keep it Pour.

Eat the rich. Drink the pour.

Pour Boys x

Eat the Rich - Recipes coming soon